Andi Campognone Projects
MANA -- the substance of which souls are madeBeing HereNothing Comes Out of the Ground Straight
Curated by Rebecca Niederlander
Dee Marcellus Cole: LIFE AS ARTPRESTON DANIELS | Black and Blue
PATRICK STRAND | Bedroom Atoll
DAPHNE HILL: Venereal Narratives and Other Catchy TalesNANCY MACKO: Hopes and Dreams A Visual Memoir, 2010MEGAN GECKLER: A Fraction of the SumLISA ADAMS Book SigningSpeculative Materialism IIThe Weight and The Magnitude
Art for Awareness
Saturday, February 26, 2011Steven Poster: STILLDEAN DeCOCKER: New WorksROLAND REISS: Selections from the 1960'sNavigating Boulder: Connecting with Roland ReissBEING NINE
works by Maile CouwenbergTHOMAS McGOVERN
Dee Marcellus Cole: Life as Art
February 25 -- April 14, 2012
Reception: March 10, 6-9pm

Preston Daniels: Black and Blue
Patrick Strand: Bedroom Atoll
January 14 -- February 24, 2012
Reception: January 14, 6-9pm

Daphne Hill: Venereal Narratives and Other Catchy Tales
January 14 -- February 24, 2012
Reception: January 14, 6-9pm

Nancy Macko: Hopes and Dreams A Visual Memoir
December 10, 2011 -- January 7, 2012
Reception: Saturday, December 10, 6-9pm

Megan Geckler: A Fraction of the Sum
November 12 -- December 31, 2011
Reception: Saturday, November 12, 6-9pm

Lisa Adams ONE NIGHT ONLY Book Signing
Saturday, November 12, 6-9pm

Speculative Materialism II -- Curated by Grant Vetter
September 10 - October 28, 2011

"The Weight and The Magnitude" celebrating earth day with works by Sant Khalsa
Samantha Fields
Andre Yi
Rebecca Hamm
Sally Egan
Emily Smith
Constance Mallinson

"Art for Awareness"

"Steven Poster: STILL"

"Dean DeCocker: New Works"

"Roland Reiss: Selections from the 1960s"

"Navigating Boulder: Connecting with Roland Reiss" works by Joe Clower, Jack Edwards, Merion Estes, Judith Hudson, Connie Jenkins, Tom Jenkins, Joan Moment, Jim Richard, Clark Richert, and William T. Wiley

"BEING NINE works by Maile Couwenberg"

"Thomas McGovern: Hard Boys+Bad Girls"

"Michael Salerno: Selected Works 1992 to 2009"

"Curiosities of the Curio" works by Sandow Birk, Hadiya Finley, Moira Hahn, Laurie Hogin, Clint Imboden, Sant Khalsa, Denise Kraemer, David Ligare, Thomas McGovern, Carolie Parker, Tuan Phan, Carol Shaw-Sutton, Susan Sironi, Fred Stonehouse, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Christopher Xavier, Peter Zokosky

"The Organic Line" works by Dawn Arrowsmith, Barbara Berk, Virginia Katz, Gary Paller, Ann Marie Rousseau, Michael Salerno & Valerie Wilcox.

"The New Irascibles" paintings by Philip Argent, Daniel Brice, Max King Cap, Alex Couwenberg, Jimi Gleason, Robert Kingston, Andy Moses, Thomas Pathe, Roland Reiss, Greg Rose & Mark Zimmermann.

"Edenistic Divergence" installation and paintings by Lisa Adams, Kimber Berry, Hollis Cooper & Rebecca Niederlander.

"Liquid Light" paintings by Lita Albuquerque, Dawn Arrowsmith, Alex Couwenberg, Jimi Gleason, Andy Moses, Roland Reiss, Gregg Renfrow, Michel Tabori, Sharon Weiner & Suzan Woodruff.

"The Naked Truth" works by Daniel Albrigo, Barbara Berk, Leslie Brown, William Catling, Davis & Davis, Linsley Lambert, Laura Larson, Herb Olds, Darren Saravis and Larry White.